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Facial Cream

Welcome to the Zen Bar Naturals Body + Skin Care Shop . The Oasis of Handmade Skin Care Products + The Best Imported Skin Care. Offering Facial and Body Products as well as tools and devices needed to bring the Spa to you for a fraction of the cost. For Glowing, Tight, Anti Aging and Lymphatic Drainage tools.... We Have Men's Skin Care + Tools Covered Too


Explore a Garden of Natural Products infused with "Teas, Herbs and Botanicals" along with mind blowing oil blends, made from infusion and therapeutic grade essential oils to calm your mind and soothe your body all in the simple pursuit of healing internally and externally. Here at Zen Bar we believe in the calming of the mind in order to heal and soothe the body as a whole. From Skin care and cleansing to mindfulness, spiritual cleansing and Meditation. Which is why we promote natural based products to support a natural and organic way of living. When we say Natural "We Mean It". Our Products are Loaded with Sunflower, Coconut, Olive, Grapeseed and Cold Presses Cannabis Sativa Hemp Oil to name a few. Our Botanicals stem from a Variety of Herbal, Floral and Fruit Teas. Our Colorants are Earth Clays, Charcoal and Mica Mineral. Our Exfoliants are Freshly Ground or blended oats or botanicals or simply seeds, salts or sugars of nature to provide the level of coarseness needed in order to activate removal of dead skin layers. Here at Zen Bar we are simply hand mixing Mother Nature for the Benefit of Healing. 

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