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  • How long do your soap bars last?
    Zen Bar Naturals soap bars are capable of lasting 4-8 weeks, face bars may last a little longer based on usage. Bars with oats may last even longer.
  • Are your soap bars and oat baths safe enough for children to use?
    Yes! Our bars are safe for children along with our oat soaks, I highly recommend Goat, Oat and Natural Bars without fragrance blends, essential oil bars are mild enough for children, preferrably lavender and chamomile or lavendar for oat soaks.
  • Where can we see upcoming events you'll be attending?
    We will post all upcoming events we eill be participating in, on our instagram (Our feed displays at the bottom of the home page). Follow for updates
  • Do you carry "Yoni" products?"
    Yes, visit the shop and look for the Kit-Tea-Kat Products.
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