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Introducing Zen Ten Bundles... 

We have decided to curate bundles specific to skin care or experience based needs. In our new Zen Ten Bundles, Clients will select their package and we will ship out our 10 best in season products for the selected needs or desired Zen Experience. 


An Inexpensive way to try products and get products for exactly what you desire. 


Relief and Recovery…
Decompress Relax Recover and Soothe
Think deep muscle relief, Relaxing Mint, Eucalyptus and Menthol. Products which go deep into the muscles, neck aches, joint pains, head aches and body tension. Soaks, Oils, Menthol Bars, Salts, Fizzes, Bath Bombs, Relation, A Good Night Sleep… True Recovery.

Relief and Recover - Zen Ten Bundles


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