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A Great Moisturizer for a Dry Skin Flare Up. Rapidly bring the moisture back into the skin, face, feet and even the hair. This is a great pre oil moisturizer. It goes deep into the skin to bring a healing moisture. 


Smells Like: Lavender 

Size: 2 oz 


Perfect Blend of Aloe, Lavender and Frankincense oil. 

Aloe is amazing at hydrating and repairing severely dry skin. 

Lavender gives our skin the calm it needs to rid irritation. 

Frankincense is a Great Healing Essential Oil which renews skin making more vibrant... Has anti aging properties that helps with skin wrinkles which occur from long periods of dry skin. 


If you suffer from extremely dry skin, dry face or even dry cracked heels or hands. It's Definitely time to get "Oh So Smooth" 

Oh So Smooth - Deep Moisturizer

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