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Ready for a Gentle whipped Scrub that Moisturizes, Calms itching and gently exfoliates?

Is your little one digging into their skin when their skin condition flares up? As we take care of the disruption “internally” by managing diets which aggravate the skin…

We must also work on a a way to heal the outer skin from Dryness and irritation…

Zen Bar Naturals has formulated a simple

Formula to avoid additional irritation and combined finely ground oats (smoother and wont cut through skin as you scrub)…..

Avocado, Coconut and Olive Oil, Coconut and Cane sugar….Carefully blended over a few times to give you the smoothest, skin buffing “Oatz n Suga”.

As a Mother with a Child with Sensitive skin and Eczema, I understand the need to calm skin. It keeps a happy child.

On that note we’ve decided to share my childs scrub recipe with our Zennies. ☺️

Oatz n Suga Scrub - 8oz

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