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Clari-Tea is a “Skin Treatment Oil”…Works for Face or Body.This Oil is Infused with:Tea Tree, Lemon, Orange (Essential oils) and Calendula infused oil for Anti-fungal & Acne/Inflammation Calming Benefits. Hemp Oil for Omegas, Inflammation Calming and Moisture benefits.Blend of Almond, Coconut & Grapeseed Oil for skin tightening, Renewal, Rehydration, Blemish and Dark circle control and Moisturizing benefits. Gomphrena - A tea floral which is very rich in antioxidants which reduced skin agingFire Lily - an alkalising tea floral which regulates pH levels, helps calm inflammation, causing skin to glow naturally. It helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging. Also beneficial on scalp to promote hair growth (Especially with the combination of oils we have combined) Jasmine Flowers - Great for hydration and elasticity. All florals are infused in oils and will continue to seep their benefits into your oils.

Clari-Tea - Skin Treatment Oil - 2oz

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