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Tips and Tricks to use your Products.....

Updated: May 3

So you've received your order and you've read the labels and read all the wholesome ingredients and you're probably wondering how many different ways can you utilize your product?

We'll break it all down for you.... even the things that can only be used "one way"....

(This will ultimately become our most edited blog post but here goes)....

I'll be giving you usage tips, based on how I have used and approve for these products to be used.

Soap Bars

Our bars with oats can be used directly on skin to calm inflammation and itching. Our oats make a great skin exfoliant as well as a great bar to soothe irritated skin without scratching and digging.

You may also cut bars into small pieces or order a bag of soap bits to use in guest bathrooms. This way guests can use a piece and toss it out to avoid hand "Cross Contamination From Hand to hand.


Our oils were hand crafted for skin moisture and restoration, but also infused and blended so well that they may also be used:

-In the humidifier oil cup (Garden of Zen) to help with breathing and sinuses.

-In your oil warmer - (I use my oils in the warmer when I take my baths)

-Scalp Retreat, Meditation Vybes and Clari-Tea can be used to treat fungus, dandruff and used as a pre soak prior to sat bath to soak off dead skin.

Meditation Vybes can also be used for pre-meditation focus and clarity due to its herbal blend. Visit the Product page for ingredient details.


We carry a high quality grade of rigid sugar scrubs, Organic cane and coconut sugars to give the grain size needed to exfoliate deep into layers of dead skin, therefore revealing a refreshed and renewed layer of skin.

I highly recommend Scrubs for the following:

Facial skin renewals (Bella French Rose & Golden Glow)

Body Exfoliation (Any of our scrubs)

Inner thigh Lightening (Golden Glow & Bawdy Suga)

Callus Hands and Cracked feet (Garden of Zen).

You may also also scrub external areas of the body to bring ingrown hairs to a head or a boil.

Salt Soaks and Bath "Salt-Teas"

Out salt soaks are great for detoxing, exfoliating dead skin layers (If your consistent with this you will begin to see your body shed dead skin layers in the water. The beauty of salt on the sking is far more greater than we give it credit for. You may also use our salt baths for the following: -To soak and achy body, soak tough skin on feet (Garden of Zen)

- To Relax and prep for a good nights sleep (over the moon)

- Calming Bath for adults or kids (namaste)

- The need to indulge in some self love or time with your lover (Sprinkle of Romance) . You may elect to soak with a bath tea bag or our loose salt soaks. I enjoy both. You just get to go a little heavier on the salts with the loose salt soaks.

I also enjoy using the tea bags in my foot tub. give a great dosage to shed dead skin layers off heels. I love the feeling of "Garden of Zen"

Oat Bars, Oat Bath Bags and Oat Soaks

If you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis these products can help calm the itching and the inflammation. The bars with oats can be used directly on the area to clean the area as well as place moisture back into the area.

The oats from the soap feel like a really soft rag vs using finger nails to dig into the skin. Which can be very damaging an leave permanent scars, so we don't want to do that at all.

Goat and Oatz in a Bag are absolutely amazing. Its Oatmeal, Goat Milk, Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt in a bath bag which you can drop into the water and simply allow it to dissolve. You or your little one may even find skin relief in using the bag like a rag of oats to just coat the skin (Do this after you soap up).

The oats products are pretty simple. You're either soaking in them or bathing in them.

Zen Bar Naturals Sprays......

Lets break these down individually...

Over the Moon Set the Vybez Spray

Can be used as a room or linen spray, before bed, during your bath or shower or a couple sprays on the "BACK" of your childs pillow or at least 2 feet away from where they lay their face (As essential oils are strong when sprayed and become milder as air dries the mist up).

Garden of Zen

Can also be used like "Over the Moon" set the vybez spray.

But this gem has a few extra uses:

It can be sprayed on feet to aide in relaxation, cooling down hot feet, can also be sprayed on the scalp for a headache or migraine. The Ingredients are very simple and the essential oil grade is therapeutic so its perfectly safe to apply as a spray to other parts of the body. I use this spray when I set my baths up, and also to spray of my feet when I'm doing the whole "Elevate my Feet" nights. Feels sooooooooo ahhhhh-mazing!

Tea Fumes + Garden Tea Oils

Can we Say Favorite "Tea Fume". Infused with Tea Florals and High Grade Therapeutic Essential Oils. It's simply a Body or room spray. It was designed when my allergies made me sensitive to most smells. So I got paused using my body sprays for a while. Id come up with this tea spray which is great on the body, but if you're into yoga and at home work outs, this is a great fragrance combination, as it has frankincense essential oil and lemongrass, Twe essential oils which help bringing you into focus. Give it a try or any other "Tea Fume" we may roll out seasonally.

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