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Welcome To Haus of Zen Bar [Zen Bar Naturals]

Updated: Jun 11

Are you ready to escape the Stress that comes from "Daily Life"....? Your next escape to Tranquility is one Bath Bar, Salt Soak, Oat Soak, Oil or Scrub away... visit the Zen Shop to plan your next Tranquil Escape.

Welcome to Zen Bar Naturals.... [which became haus of zen bar in 2024]

Explore a Garden of Natural Products to calm your mind and soothe your body all in the simple pursuit of healing internally and externally. Here at Zen Bar we believe in the calming of the mind in order to heal and soothe the body as a whole. From Skin care and cleansing to mindfulness, spiritual cleansing and Meditation. Which is why we promote natural based products to support a natural and organic way of living. 

Whats Inside?....

So many products, so many questions, so many issues inside and out. What helps what? What fixes or soothes what? Where do I begin indulging in this garden? Here's your guide. Learn about the ingredients and their benefits here. Learn them, and then live by them. Healing occurs faster when its natural and/or plant based. There are so many oils, plants, salts and teas that provide mental, physical, internal and external healing which we bypass often. Once I learned Yoga and Meditation I began to realize how much "More" healing came through "Mindfulness and the Natural Calming of Stress". 

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