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Can these products “TREAT” my Eczema or Skin Condition?

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

The Short answer is…. “NO”

Somewhere in the world someone just said “How can she say that if she wants to sell these products”….

Welcome to “Monique”…. I never have to lie or Finesse, but what I will always do is share the facts about it all and allow “you” to choose from there.

Any product I sell isn't intended to TREAT your Eczema or Skin Condition. It is made to treat the "reaction" your Eczema or Skin Condition has caused your skin. My Job is to use nature to assist in soothing and restoration of the skin damaged during the outbreak(s).

Contrary to popular belief…

Most Diseases are CURED “In The Gut” hint hint that's why medicines entry point is usually through the intestines

Which is why DIET (what we eat), is so important. Medicine is simply synthetic options to make up for what you aren’t giving to your body. Eczema is one which I am very familiar with. Eczema is the result of Intolerances which are trying to tell us there are proteins we either need to remove from our diet or enzymes needed to help digest those foods and proteins.

I learned a lot by caring for my daughters Eczema. You have to begin treating this condition by eliminating or reducing “Fast Produced” Animal Protein and Dairy.

Beef and Chicken are the biggest culprits. High Aggravating foods for eczema are cows milk, cheeses and eggs, even things such as mayo and dressings can sometimes trigger. Just depends on what's inside.

Think about it, a child is within its mother womb for 9 months, often breastfed, then the growing transition…..? The milk of a cow? What's the bodies fighting response to say “Wrong Boob” and wrong “Boob Treats”

Your body isn’t flawed “Your diet is”. Which is why the body has a histamine and allergen system which works by sending out “I don't like this” Triggers

Histamines - Skin and Airway disruptive

Acid in the intestines - Gut rejection

Yet if you let science tell it, science will tell you, lets treat your allergies and your acid reflux Vs. Identify the disruptor.

Nature is telling you to identify your allergens and the foods which you have an intolerance to.

So now lets get back to me telling you “No” my products wont treat the illness or conditions root cause…. BUT… it will soothe, reduce or even eliminate (if you also join in and work on the inside) ….the disruption. Kind of like a Body Shop vs a Car wash. Same vehicle, but 2 treatment methods.

I see many posting about what a product “can do”… no, the product cannot treat the illness, but it can restore or renew what the disruption of the condition has caused.

My Advice for Eczema (Non Medical, But speaking from experience)

  • Identify your allergens to confirm eczema vs allergies or food intolerances.

  • Swap Cows milk for a plant based milk. I like Oat, Almond and Coconut. I moved my daughter to those and her skin is fine when we avoid dairy. Something as simple as school lunch (milks and cheeses) used to have me spending a fortune on steroid creams.

  • Go Slow…. When you’re transitioning to a natural approach inside and out dont expect things to work overnight. Understand Science is still your friend in severe flare ups. Some outbreaks and reactions will REQUIRE a steroid to calm severe inflammation. You dont want to live by that regimen, so work on diet.

  • When it comes to skin irritation and inflammation the body needs a few things. First Oats and Milk to calm skin flare ups. For skin fatty milks I love “Goat Milk”. They are organically raised without the hormones used in cows and the milk benefits for skin are lush moisture. The combination will leave skin less itchy and softer. Once the flare up has dried up we aim for salt soaks to break down the tough layers of skin. I wouldn’t recommend exfoliating that skin for weeks. We dont want to keep creating a bigger wound area, we want it to dry up, soften by the layer(s) and then combat whats left once its fully healed.

So whats my Ultimate Treatment Plan to treat the disruption the Eczema or skin condition has caused?

1. Make adjustments in your diet

2. Drink lots of fluids so the body can go to work internall.

3. Be sure you’re getting your Omegas (Fish Oil), Lots of Vitamin E, Onions if you dont have an intolerance to the acidity

4. Oat and Milk Baths

5. A good skin oil or cream for moisture

6. A good cream or paste in your inflammation regimen that forces the flare up to subside. 7. Once the inflammation and blisters have subsided…. salt soaks

8.) Products To assist? Click Here

From there its all diet, hydration and moisturizing.

I really hope I was able to break things down so you no longer formulate the belief that any product will become “The treatment for an illness”… Instead formulate ways to rid the root cause while building a regimen in the most natural way possible to “Rid the disturbance”.

Hopefully you were able to gain a new outlook on how to manage eczema inside and out.

I’m no Doctor or medical expert, just someone whose had to learn to quiet the “disruption“ in her own child and her own body.


-See you on the next adventure of

“The Zen Blog”

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